Effective Evidence Based Preservation Planning

Time: 09:00
Place: Aarhus



This two-day event will guide delegates through the steps of the SCAPE Preservation Planning and Watch lifecycle. It will begin with an introduction to the importance of active management of a preservation collection through effective policy creation, monitoring of preservation risks and preservation planning as a result of risk identification, and will explain the components and tools that make up the SCAPE approach.

Delegates will learn about both human-readable and machine-readable policy drivers and will create policy statements.

Following this, delegates will be introduced to a number of tools that have been developed or extended as part of this SCAPE project. These include the content-profiling tool, C3PO, which will help you to understand what is in your collection; Scout, a preservation watch system which can detect preservation risks and opportunities through its knowledge base and automatically notify users of new risks and opportunities; and Plato, a decision-making tool that implements a solid preservation planning process and integrates services for content characterisation, preservation action and automatic object comparison.

Learning Outcomes (by the end of the training event the attendees will be able to):

  • Understand the SCAPE Planning and Watch lifecycle, and the benefits and opportunities.
  • Explain why a policy framework is important in successful preservation planning.
  • Evaluate when and how to execute preservation planning.
  • Apply preservation policy to a planning scenario.
  • Carry out content profiling experiments.
  • Analyse content profile results.
  • Understand how to monitor your repository and its environment
  • Create a preservation plan.
  • Envisage how the SCAPE components can be applied to your own collection

Delegates will receive a certificate of attendance for the training course.

The draft agenda is available here: http://wiki.opf-labs.org/display/SP/Agenda+-+Effective%2C+Evidence-Based+Preservation+Planning

The event will be conducted in English.

Who should attend?
Practitioners (digital librarians and archivists, digital curators, repository managers, or anyone responsible for managing digital collections) To get the most out of this training course you will ideally have some knowledge or experience of digital preservation.

Developers who are interested in learning about automated preservation planning and policies.

Please register at: https://scape-preservation-planning.eventbrite.co.uk . The cost for the two days is 800 DKK.

Morning and afternoon coffee breaks and lunch will be provided and are included in the registration fee.

*Please ensure you bring your laptop with you so you can participate in the practical exercises.*

Registration is now closed.

When and where
Wednesday 13 November at 09:00 – 17:00 and Thursday 14 November 09:00 – 17:00
State and University Library (Statsbiblioteket)
Victor Albecks Vej 1,
8000 Aarhus C,

For travel and accommodation information please visit the event wiki page: http://wiki.opf-labs.org/display/SP/SCAPE+Training+Event+-+Effective%2C+Evidence-Based+Preservation+Planning


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