Let Scout be your Preservation Guide

Finding out when and how your digital content is at risk is a hard and heavy task to do alone. Many repositories have similar content and are facing similar preservation issues, but they don’t have the means to help each other preserve their content and discover synergies in an easy way, beyond informal community interaction.


How would you like to:

  • be able to discover who else is holding content of a specific type (file format)?
  • know whether your repository is the only one using a specific preservation tool?
  • be able to check if content conforms to (some) defined control policies?
  • be able to reduce risks by community engagement and assistance?


What is Scout?

Scout is a web-based service which:Scout is a web-based service which:

  • provides an ontological knowledge base for compiling the information needed to detect preservation risks and opportunities
  • assists content holders in monitoring their digital repository
  • enables content holders to monitor changes in the preservation environment that can influence their own preservation setup
  • provides notification about, for example, format obsolescence, new preservation tools, and policy conformity.


How can you use Scout?

  • Access Scout – get access to the community knowledge
  • Create a content profile – monitor your collections
  • Share your content profile – join the community and discover synergies
  • Define your interests – be notified about opportunities and risks.


More information: www.scape-project.eu/tools