Monitor your web content with Pagelyzer

With Pagelyzer you can easily monitor dynamically changing web content. You can use Pagelyzer to optimise services for web harvesting, but also for other application contexts such as format obsolescence detection and (near) duplicate detection. Pagelyzer can also compare web page versions by taking visual aspects like layouts into account.




What is Pagelyzer?
Pagelyzer is a tool for detecting changes in web pages and differences in their rendering. It may be used for:

  • automated visual, structural and hybrid comparison of web page versions on a large scale
  • comparison of web page rendering in different browsers
  • helping to determine the appropriate frequency of crawls for web harvesting using browser screen shots.

Pagelyzer is based on a supervised framework that learns the necessary parameters and functions for different types of comparison.


What are the benefits?

  • Optimise web harvesting
  • Detect format obsolescence
  • Identify duplicates
  • Address web archive rendering issues
  • Cut costs and enhance efficiency.

Pagelyzer has been successfully tested at the Internet Memory Foundation.


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