SCAPE Project – Digital Preservation into the Petabyte Dimension from SCAPE project on Vimeo.


SCAPE was an EU-funded project which addressed long term digital preservation of large-scale and heterogeneous collections of digital-objects. SCAPE developed scalable services for preservation planning and preservation actions on an open source platform. These services are based on a framework for automated, quality assured work-flows, which were elaborated and tested during the project runtime. A policy-based preservation planning tool and an automated watch system ensure a secure and targeted implementation of institutional preservation strategies.

SCAPE preservation components are able to:

  • Identify the need to act to preserve all or parts of a repository through characterisation and trend analysis;
  • Define responses to those needs using formal descriptions of preservation policies and preservation plans;
  • Allow a high degree of automation, and scalable processing;
  • Monitor the quality of preservation processes.

The SCAPE consortium consisted of experts from memory institutions, data centres, research labs, universities, and industrial firms, who researched and developed scalable preservation systems that can be deployed also after the project runtime. SCAPE produced open source software solutions available to the entire digital preservation community. The project results are curated and further exploited by the Open Planets Foundation. Some of them are also being exploited by small-to-medium enterprise and research institutions within the consortium catering to the preservation community, and by two large industrial IT partners.

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A general presentation of the SCAPE Project is available on Slideshare:

Scape project presentation – Scalable Preservation Environments from SCAPE Project