On this page you can find a list of selected tools developed in SCAPE, with a link to a tool microsite which contains general and technical information.


Quality assurance and characterisation

 jpylyzer_small JpylyzerJP2 validator and extractor
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 matchbox_small Matchbox – Duplicate image detection tool
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 xcorrsound xcorrSound – Improve your digital audio recordings
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FLint Flint – Validate PDF/EPUB files against an institutional policy
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digprestoolkit Digital Preservation Toolkit – Installing Digital Preservation Tools was never so easy


Web archiving

 pagelyzer_small Pagelyzer – Monitor your web content
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 hawarp_110x34 Hawarp – Hadoop-based Web Archive Record Processing
Nanite_figur Nanite – A Friendly Swarm of Format-identifying Robots
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ToMaR_logo ToMaR – Let your preservation tools scale
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SCAPE toolwrapper – Wrap preservation tools once, deploy them everywhere
  SCAPE Cloud Deployment Toolkit – Deployment of SCAPE components in the Cloud
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Planning and watch

c3po-logo_small C3PO – Analyse your content
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plato_small Plato – Efficient and trustworthy preservation planning
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scout_small Scout – Let Scout be your preservation guide
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SCAPE & Open Source software

SCAPE has a strong commitment to providing broad access to its open source components and tools. While some partners may integrate SCAPE results into their commercial products and services, the consortium will provide a reference implementation of the core results on an open source basis. The consortium believes that this is the best approach given the substantial public investment made at the European and national levels, and because it is the most effective way to encourage commercial growth.


SCAPE Brochure

Interested in Scalable Preservation Environments? Order the SCAPE brochure in high-quality print. The brochure includes leaflets with additional information about some of the SCAPE tools. To the web edition of the SCAPE leaflets.


SCAPE Posters

Download the SCAPE posters here.



Below you will find a list of SCAPE tools which are no longer being build on.

JPwrappa_smallJPwrappa: Simple Python wrapper around the command-line tool of Aware’s JPEG 2000 SDK
taverna to hadoop compiler_smallTaverna to Hadoop Compiler: Compiling Taverna Workflows to native Hadoop Programs
REF_smallResults Evaluation Framework (REF): Generic semantic system for evaluating large datasets of experimentation results