D14.1 Report on Decision Factors and their Influence on Planning

This report sheds light on the actual decision criteria and influence factors to be considered when choosing digital preservation actions. It is based on an extensive evaluation of case studies on preservation planning for a range of different types of objects with partners from different institutional backgrounds. We analyse objective trees from a number of real-world decision making instances and classify the objectives and decision criteria. We analyse the measurability and required information for decision criteria, and the objectives and decision factors contained in objective trees. We further discuss the mapping of different quality models and map decision criteria to standardised models for decision factors in the areas of software quality, format assessment, and object properties. This facilitates the standardisation of decision criteria specification and enables the analysis of criteria across trees.

We then present a quantitative approach and tool to support the systematic assessment of criteria and their impact in preservation planning. We present an analysis tool integrated with the planning tool Plato. We further apply our analysis method to a body of real-world case study material and discuss the results. The outcomes provide directions to optimize and automate decision-making, watch, and policy definitions at large scales, and to lower entry barriers by focusing on those aspects that have the strongest impact.