SCAPE Cloud Deployment Toolkit

Although migrating library applications to Cloud environment is not an easy task, many libraries are interested in using Cloud infrastructure services broadly across their businesses. Whether it is about a Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud, they are expecting better scalability, redundancy, availability and elasticity, or ubiquitous access to digital preservation environment. In real-life setups, digital preservation environments are complex systems comprising multiple software components (e.g. Apache Hadoop, Taverna workflows and a plethora of tools for characterisation, migration or QA) that need to seamlessly work together.

All these components need to be consistently deployed on all the nodes of the infrastructure. When these nodes are a mix of physical machines, virtual machine on private cloud and virtual machines provisioned from public clouds, the task of installation and configuration of required software packages on the nodes becomes a complex, tedious and error-prone one.

This is where Cloud Deployment Toolkit comes in!
It makes your life easier allowing you to easily deploy and monitor your tools on a hybrid infrastructure.




What is Cloud Deployment Toolkit?

Cloud Deployment Toolkit is a suite of tools that facilitates the deployment of various software components on top of public or private (on-premises) Cloud environments. It comprises of:

  • Web GUI and CLI – for easy administration of computing resources and SW components
  • Puppet CMS – for deploying software packages and tools over the infrastructure
  • Nagios – for monitoring and QA
  • Libcloud – for interfacing with multi-vendor Cloud services.

What are the benefits?

  • Deploys software packages in Hybrid Cloud environments
  • Avoids vendor lock-in
  • Streamlines the deployment of Digital Preservation Environments by automising tedious tasks
  • Preserves integrity and avoids incompatibilities
  • Enables easy extension for new packages.

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