xcorrSound – Improve Your Digital Audio Recordings

The State and University Library in Denmark holds a large collection of digitised audio recordings, originally recorded on two-hour tapes, with overlaps from tape to tape. To enhance the user experience, the library wanted to eliminate the overlaps and make the broadcast a continuous stream. This was done by using xcorrSound, a tool package for audio materials.

In xcorrSound, algorithms use cross correlation to compare the sound waves. With this an automated overlap analysis of the audio recordings was conducted. This enabled the library to cut and put together the resulting trimmed files in 24 hour blocks which enabled improvement of the end user’s listening experience.



What is xcorrSound?

xcorrSound consists of three tools:

  • ‘overlap-analysis’ detects overlaps in two audio files
  • ‘sound-match’ detects occurrences of a smaller audio file (e.g. a jingle) within a larger audio file or an index of audio files
  • ‘waveform-compare’ compares two audio files and outputs the similarity.


What are the benefits?

  • Precision in the overlap analysis
  • Automated processes
  • Resource efficiency
  • Open source – freely available
  • Easy to install and integrate into a workflow (command line tool)
  • Leads to an improved and optimised end user experience.


More information: www.scape-project.eu/tools