And the winner is….

On September 8 the SCAPE/ APARSEN workshop Digital Preservation Sustainability on the EU Level was held at London City University in connection with the DL2014 conference.

Attached to the workshop Digital Preservation Sustainability on the EU Level SCAPE and APARSEN launched a competition:

Which message do YOU want to send to the EU for the future of Digital Preservation projects?

At closing time of the workshop the winner and two runner up tweets were announced. Three very different messages to the EU altogether. One runner up tweet was urging the EU to allow for a small sustainability budget for at least 5 years after a project formally ends. The other runner up tweet included the question: ‘Will this tweet be preserved?” which -very appropiate- by now is already deleted and thus seemingly lost forever. But we are proud to announce:

The winner! @perdalum: The words of Galadriel “Much that once was is lost, for none now live who remember it” must not come true #DP2EU

More about the workshop in the offical SCAPE/ APARSEN workshop blogs- soon to be published!