See SCAPE in action by visiting one of our partners!

SCAPE invites you to visit a SCAPE partner to be introduced to some of the developments within the project. The Demonstration visits will take place during May/early June 2014. To schedule a visit, please send an email to Jette Junge, jgj [at] statsbiblioteket [dot] dk, explaining which partner and/or topics you would like to see presented as well as preferred dates for the visit.

A number of partners will demonstrate the tools and services developed in SCAPE and used in their own environments. The demonstration assets include:

  • The SCAPE Platform
  • SCAPE Preservation Components
  • Preservation Watch
  • Commercial Products

Choose your visit by topic:

Decide which partner to visit by location:

Or browse the growing list of planned events:

We are looking forward to showing what SCAPE can do for your organisation!