SCAPE Scenario Workshop

Event date: 01/02/2012 – 03/02/2012

Location: Department of Informatics, University of Minho, Rua da Universidade, Braga, Portugal

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On 1-3 February 2012 the Scenarios Workshop for SCAPE members took place in Braga, Portugal. The goals of this event were to gain a better understanding of current SCAPE project scenarios, and to discuss details and assess the status of current prototypes.

The workshop participants worked on four SCAPE research areas: JPEG2000 validation, web archive characterisation, quality assurance of image collections and tool packaging and installation. Various challenges that came up within the project could be resolved.

Several blog posts giving a first insight into the workshop have been posted on the SCAPE OPF-blog.

Over the project runtime further technical workshop events will be organised. It is planned to gradually move the scope of the workshops from development focused internal events to outwardly focused training events, where practitioners from outside the project can learn how to apply SCAPE solutions to their digital preservation challenges.