Apache Hadoop as a Storage Backend for Fedora Commons

Frank Asseg, Matthias Razum, Matthias Hahn:
Apache Hadoop as a Storage Backend for Fedora Commons
In: OR2012, The 7th International Conference on Open Repositories (9-13 July 2012, Edinburgh, UK)


Certain types of repositories are constantly growing in size. This is true for archives, national libraries, and research institutions. Research itself is increasingly data-driven (Hey & Trefethen, 2003). This leads to vast amounts of raw and preprocessed data. Web archiving, as done by e.g. the Internet Memory Foundation, requires the ingestion of tens of thousands of files on a daily basis. Aside from the traditional text based publications, there is a trend to archive content like video or audio in a library. This leads to large scale data repositories posing new challenges for digital preservation tasks in terms of performance. An example for a common preservation task is the calculation of check sums on a regular basis for data degradation discovery. Running this task on a petabyte scale video archive can take more time than the interval in between scheduled executions of the task, as defined by a institutions preservation policy. Traditional repository architectures do not meet the requirements for such situations very well.

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