Future Formats First: Application Infrastructures for Action Services

Event date: 16/09/2013 – 17/09/2013

Location: The British Library, 96 Euston Road, London, UK

This workshop was the second event in the SCAPE project training programme. It focused on using tools and workflows to carry out digital preservation actions at scale.

It began with an introduction to scalability and presented techniques to use a scalable platform with common preservation tools.

By building on a real use case from the British Library, delegates gained hands on experience in migrating a large volume of image files to the JPEG 2000 format, verifying each migration against the original file using tools including ImageMagik, jpylyzer and Matchbox.

Delegates learned about building workflows to invoke multiple operations, and how to share and discover other workflows. By building a scalable environment using Hadoop and Taverna, delegates were be able to execute their workflow at scale, performing multiple simultaneous migrations and verifications.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand scalable platforms and evaluate the situations in which such environments are required.
  2. Apply knowledge of existing tools to solve migration and quality control problems.
  3. Combine and modify tool chains in order to create automated workflows for migration and quality control.
  4. Implement best practice for discovering and sharing workflows for use and re-use.
  5. Make use of a scalable environment and apply a number of workflows to automatically perform migration and quality assurance checks on a large number of objects.
  6. Identify a number of potential problems when working in a scalable environment and propose solutions.
  7. Understand the potential to use scalable platforms in digital preservation and synthesise new opportunities within your own environments.

Delegates received a certificate of attendance for the training course.

The agenda is available here: SCAPE Future Formats First Agenda

Further information
Please visit the event wiki page for details about the event.


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