SCAPE Scenario & Developer’s Workshop 2013

Event date: 22/01/2013 – 24/01/2013

Location: AIT, TechGate Tower, Donau-City-Strasse 1, Vienna, Austria

After a year predominantly focussed on external SCAPE events (Open Research Challenges Workshop @ iPres, the First SCAPE Training Event in Guimarães) the project finally had another project internal scenario and developer’s workshop. As always, the event provided a great opportunity for developers and SCAPE scenario holders to get together and talk face-to-face.

Main topics focused on were the scenario status updates, refining scenarios, policy representation work, and the functional review criteria. The workshop enabled team members to have an appreciation of these subjects. This will be important in helping to improve project-wide understanding and communication, especially as the project steps up integration of the various components the Work Package teams have been working on.

On the whole the workshop was very successful. Flexible arrangements allowed a lot of important work to be covered. For more information about the workshop please read the blog post by SCAPE’s Technical Coordinator:

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