Joint SCAPE/IMPACT Taverna Hackathon

Event date: 11/14/2011 – 11/15/2011

Location: University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL, UK


The workshop has been run by the technical staff of the IMPACT project in conjunction with the Taverna developers at myGrid. Various SCAPE project members contributed to the workshop. The workshop showcased how scientific workflows can be used in digitisation and related fields. Using a number of tools developed in the IMPACT project the workshop explored how they interact within the Taverna platform and lead exploration of some advanced use cases and technical challenges.

Attendees examined the general suitability of the Taverna workflow management system and the related myExperiment environment for use within the digitisation and document analysis domain, with a special emphasis on workflows related to OCR processing as were developed in the course of the IMPACT project. Related issues like long-term preservation and natural language processing have also been touched upon.

The workshop aimed to bring together technical staff – ‘developers’ and ‘implementers’, rather than ‘practitioners’ in order to encourage the further development of the tools and investigate new solutions and features that could be developed in the near future for the benefit of the wider community.

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